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Colorado Springs gay dating, cruising and hookups

Colorado Springs is a excellent location to hookup with attractive lads. With a population of 416,427 as of the 2010 Census, it is said to be the second most populous city in the state of Colorado, behind Denver, and also the 41st most populous city in the United States, while the Colorado Springs Metropolitan Statistical Area had an estimated population of 645,613 in 2010. Here there are multiple cruising locations in Colorado Springs. William Jackson Palmer, a Civil War General and also Medal of Honor recipient, came to the Colorado Territory as a surveyor with the Kansas Pacific Railroad. In Colorado Springs there are many men looking to hookup for sex. Within 2 years, his flagship resort the Antlers Hotel opened, welcoming US and also international travelers in addition to health-savvy individuals seeking the high altitude, sunshine, and also dry climate, and also Palmer’s visions of a thriving, quality resort town were coming true. Colorado Springs has many other hot lads looking for gay dating. You will enjoy the gay dating in Colorado Springs. Bring it on and let us get to Colorado Springs and find the buff guys!